Payment Terms are on weekly basis. All drivers are to submit their claims by Sunday for the current week’s job.
Payment will be disbursed by following Thursday/Friday.

Our Bidding Process

Bidding – two items items in the whatsapp group

  • Carplate and time
  • Carplate, time and car type.

When you bid for a job on the chat, please state as below:
Eg. “1234 2200” <- Carplate + Time of job

Job Reporting

  1. Always report on the way (OTW) at least 30 mins before Pick-Up Time/ETA
  2. Report on the spot (OTS) when you reach the Pick-Up Point/ETA, at least 5 mins early
  3. When you OTS, you may be required to report LIVE LOCATION or Take a picture of your car with location background or Take a picture of Flight board and belt area.
  4. Report passenger on board (POB) when client is in your car
  5. Report job completed when trip ends or disposal job is completed (JC)


Meet n Greet (MnG)

Be at the belt 15mins (1-2pax)/30mins (3-6pax) after flight landed. Waiting time is 60mins. Do not proceed with No Show without admin or caller’s permission

Dress Code

Standard 5/7 – Minimum Shirt, Jean and covered Shoes
Lux5 – Strictly LIMO ATTIRE
Lux7 – Strictly LIMO ATTIRE

Driveway pickup (DWPU)

Furthest you can stay is at Bayshore or Changi North Crescent. Pls standby by 30mins after flight landed.

Overtime charges

First 60mins wait is FREE after plane landed. $10/min per 10 minutes after 60min. Capped at $30.
If you cannot wait, seek approval to stand down and send me carpark receipt and monitor photos.

Addition Pick up / Drop off

Drivers are required to make only one pick up and one drop off for each detail. For any additional pick up and drop off, please collect $10 per stop (on the way) from passenger. You may allow to quote on your own for out of the way stop. You have the right not to make additional stop if passenger refuses to pay.

Amendments by Passenger

Please inform admins if there is any change of flight number. For any change of time or pick up / drop off location, you are allowed to exercise and make the decision at your own discretion. Please seek admin advice if you are not sure.

Child seat / booster / mifold

All drivers are expected to have 1-2 child seats to secure young passengers. It carrys 3 demerit points and $120 fine if you are caught by authority. A mifold is very small for easy storage. No extras for safety.

LATE NIGHT CHARGES ONLY 携程 JOBSYou are allowed to collect $10 or ¥50 on two scenarios.
If the plane scheduled time is after 0630 yet it lands earlier on or before 0630. OR
If the plane scheduled time is before 2230 yet it lands later on or after 2230.

STD5 = 4PAX + 2 LUGGAGE = 6
LGT5 = 5PAX + 2 LUGGAGE = 7
STD7 = 6PAX + 4 LUGGAGE = 10
LUX5 = 4PAX + 2 LUGGAGE = 6
LUX7 = 6PAX + 4 LUGGAGE = 10

Never exceed the legal capcity of your car. If pax refuses to pay for another car, you are free to walk off after taking a pic of the group.

Pax + luggage shall never exceed the bold number based on the order type, not your car type.

Eg. STD5 can be 1 PAX + 5 LUGGAGE OR 2 PAX + 4 LUGGAGE


We work on TRUST. Drivers are allowed to accept services requested from customers, which includes transfers, departure, attractions tickets and etc.
Do in


All complain will be investigated by the admin team together with the agency. A service lapse will cost the driver 1-3times of the job. A serious offence will lead to immediate termination.

Cleaniness / Smell

Complains against Cleaniness is unacceptable in this group. Take pride in your ride and making money tool. Any complain will lead to a fine of 1 x job amount.

Miss Job

CALL FOR RESCUE IF YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE. Rescue costs u $20-30 and a miss job will cost u much more. A miss will cost 4 times of the job amount.